Andrew Woffinden, Photographer.

  • June 12, 2012


Our rich database of creative talents isn’t just made of names, URLs, images and tags. We’re also featuring individuals we’d like you to meet in our bespoke TCD interviews.

Andrew Woffinden, who shot our site’s first and current cover image, is naturally the first one we wanted to introduce you to. Andrew’s a fashion photographer based in London and has shot for clients such as Elle, GQ, French Glamour Magazine, Tank Magazine, Reiss and many others. Nice to meet you, Andrew!


TCD: What made you want to become a photographer?

AW: A desperation not to be an engineer which is what I did in University.

TCD: If you could make a list of your favourite photographers, who would you pick?

AW: I like William Eggleston, Eisenstadt, Helmut Newton, Diane Arbus, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Guy Bourdin.

TCD: If you were to tag yourself on TCD, what words would you use?

AW: Tags, erm, hard flash, snapshot, colour. 

TCD: So what exciting projects are you working on right now?

AW: Reinventing myself.

TCD: What would be your dream commission?

AW: Madonna on the moon.

TCD: Go on, tell us a secret?

AW: I quite fancy the Queen and Margaret Thatcher.


Find out more about Andrew here.

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