Claire Rothstein, Hairstylist.

  • June 20, 2012


Allow us to introduce you to another creative talent from our TCD selection: this time, we talk about hairbrushes, Paris Vogue and kittens – yes, kittens – with Claire Rothstein, hairstylist. Claire’s collaborated with publications such as the British Vogue, Elle and Harpers Bazaar, Wonderland, and brands such as Nike and Vivienne Westwood to name a few. We’re delighted to meet her!


TCD: What made you want to become a hairstylist?

CR: I fell into it by accident, it looked like fun, little did I know it would be my perfect job.

TCD: If you could make a list of your favourite contemporary hairstylists, who would you pick?

CR: Guido and Eugene Souleiman have had long, incredible, enviable careers are are still doing what they love and doing it brilliantly, that is something to admire.

TCD: If you were to tag yourself on TCD what 3 words would you use?

CR: Hairbrush, ginger, opinionated.

TCD: So what exciting projects are you working on right now?

CR: Currently I am exploring the more ‘business’ side of the industry, it’s daunting and there is a lot to learn but think there could be something exciting in there somewhere. Watch this space.

TCD: What would be your dream commission?

CR: The cover of Paris Vogue with Joan Collins covered in kittens shot by Terry Richardson probably.

TCD: Go on, tell us a secret?

CR: I’d like to start a Beefy Rothstein merchandise range. Pathetic isn’t it.


Find out more about Claire here. 

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