Natasha Wray, Stylist.

  • June 26, 2012


Today, we’re going to meet someone who plays another key role behind the scene of photo shoots. Natasha Wray, who was a fashion assistant at Elle for four years, is now a freelance stylist based in London. Skilfully associating materials, shapes and colours for varied editorials and advertisings, Natasha’s worked for Elle, French Revue, Volt, The Independent as well as for Reiss, Adidas and Diesel among others. Hello, Natasha!


TCD: What made you want to become a stylist?

NW: I never planned to become a stylist. I had always loved, and collected fashion magazines, and actually planned to study photography. But, following work experience at a few magazines, I decided the fashion department was for me, I got to work with photographers and be part of creating the shoots I’d always loved looking at.

TCD: If you could make a list of your favourite contemporary stylists, who would you pick?

NW: Jane How, Kate Phelan and Venetia Scott.

TCD: If you were to tag yourself on TCD, what words would you use?

NW: Modern, cool and minimal.

TCD: So what exciting projects are you working on right now?

NW: I’ve just shot a big ad campaign, working with people I really look up to. And I’ve just finished shooting 101 ideas for the September issue of Marie Claire.

TCD: What would be your dream commission?

NW: Right now, to shoot an editorial for The Gentlewoman, Self Service or The New York Times Style magazine.

TCD: Go on, tell us a secret?

NW: At home I wear tracksuit bottoms as standard.


Find out more about Natasha here.

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