• July 4, 2012

Laura SciacovelliImage by Laura Sciacovelli.

Terry Saxon,HairstylistHair by Terry Saxon.

Sandra Freij,PhotographerImage by Sandra Freij.

Faded. Like the memories of your last holiday, your favourite t-shirt that you washed too much, or this old photograph pinned to one of your bedroom’s walls – this couldn’t have happened on Pinterest!

Faded images often tell us about something remote, vintage and dreamy, they’re here to evoke the softness of summer or the haziness of souvenirs. The white and sometimes yellowish veil applied by photographers put some distance between the reality and what they want to keep from it. Because faded photographs are the ones our parents and grandparents are keeping like treasures in boxes, they usually carry stories and bring back varied emotions: that’s certainly one of the effects artists are trying to achieve when they weaken the intensity of their work’s colours.

We noticed when we did a research on The Creative Directory that most of the results were warm and grainy images, that’s why we chose these three representative photos to illustrate our word of the week. And also because we couldn’t help adding “summer” in the search bar…


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