Work hard. Play hard.

  • September 3, 2012

Moodboard-WorkImages by David Lamb (style), Rebecca Duke, Jonny Storey, Julian Germain, Thomas Ibsen, Jon Gorrigan, Shirley Kurata (style) and Mel Yates.

Jonny Storey, PhotographerImage by Jonny Storey.

Shirley Kurata, StylistStyle by Shirley Kurata.

Moodboard-PlayImages by Dean Freeman, Aitken Jolly, Gavin Watson, Larry Fink, Nasrin Jean-Baptiste (style), Elaine Constantine, Ellen Von Unwerth and Kristin Vicari.

Ellen Von UnwerthImage by Ellen Von Unwerth.

Kristin VicariImage by Kristin Vicari.

Ting-a-ling! Although the English weather suddenly seems to be repentant for its bad behaviour this summer and may offer us some sunny remedial classes, it’s time to get back to work for most of us. Forget about the sea’s iodised smell or the fresh air of the mountains and countryside, and say hello to the artificial light of screens and desk lamps.

Any kind of remedy for this pervading September moroseness? Looking at Prince Harry’s latest (inspiring) Las Vegas party pictures, we may have a clue: work hard, ok, but play hard too. To counterbalance the seriousness of the first moodboard we’ve made, here’s exceptionally a second and more heartening one. If having fun at work doesn’t sound that paradoxical, then, lucky you! You may have found one of the keys to happiness…

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