TCD Films #1. Julian Marshall, Photographer.

  • September 4, 2012

imageImage by Julian Marshall.

We’re very proud to present you our first TCD Film. After a few written interviews, which we’ll of course continue, we wanted to offer you the possibility to meet the creatives featured on TCD in an even more lively way. 

The first creative we spoke to under the watchful eye of the camera is Julian Marshall. A couple of weeks ago, the London-based photographer invited us into his studio to talk about the origin of his passion for photography, his current and exciting projects and many other things that you’re about to discover. Julian has found with photography “a beautiful way to communicate” with people: their reaction in front of the camera or the final photograph is certainly for him one of the most interesting aspects of his work. 

We thank him very much for having accepted to be the first one featured in our TCD Films, and wish him many great projects and commissions in the future!


Julian is represented by Katy Barker.

Find out more about his work here.

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