• September 26, 2012

Alex Box, Make-Up ArtistMake-up by Alex Box.

Olivia Estebanez, PhotographerImage by Olivia Estebanez.

Louis Christopher, PhotographerImage by Louis Christopher.

Over this month we’ve been swooning over the enchanting beauty of the fashion weeks held in New York, London, Milan and now finishing in Paris. The daring designs, bold make-up and flamboyant styles have captivated us. The shows were, as ever, dripping with a poise, elegance and effortlessness that can be summed up in one word: Glamourous.

1950s Hollywood icons are still the perfect embodiment of this look, with their big, bold waves and red lipstick. However, glamour is as much about confidence as it is about beauty; attitude is vital to the allure. The three images we’ve chosen capture the essence of glamour in a maybe less stereotypical way. Bright and bold colours as well as an assured but chic feminine / masculine presence create an utterly captivating look. For us, this is the true definition of glamourous.

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