• October 16, 2012

TCD_MoodboardTemplate (1)Images by Capucine Safyurtlu (style), Jack Webb, Frank Huelsboemer, Daniel Sannwald, Philip Karlberg, Willy Vanderperre, Thomas Rusch, and Mat Collishaw.

1.Capucine Safyurtlu (style)Style by Capucine Safyurtlu.

4.Daniel SannwaldImage by Daniel Sannwald.

8.Mat CollishawImage by Mat Collishaw.

Have you been lucky enough to stroll around the Frieze Art Fair in London over the last few days? Celebrating its 10th year, the contemporary art event received more than 170 galleries, representing over 1,000 artists from 35 countries to its specially designed structure in Regent’s Park. The whole thing wasn’t about numbers though, but definitely about innovation and creation. To sum up the fair’s spirit, may we quote the winner of the The Frieze London 2012 stand prize, Vitamin Creative Space, which ‘views contemporary art as the vitamin which keeps our life and society open’. Nice philosophy…

We’ve been stimulated by the event, and consequently decided to gather some ‘Arty’ imagery for our moodboard. We’re blown away by the power of each of these photographs, which each inspire us with about a million different thoughts. So we hope you enjoy today’s vitamin boost.

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