Still Life.

  • October 24, 2012

Marcel ChristImage by Marcel Christ.

u9c-375x375Image by Dan Tobin Smith.

AortaImage by Aorta.

Still life, still life… Is the image coming to your head composed of a bowl of apples and a wine decanter on a table partly covered with an old-fashioned tablecloth? Well, that’s the original painting – do we hear ‘boring’? – expression of it; we’ve been amazed here by the level of creativity, the power as well as the variety of still life pictures we feature on The Creative Directory.

Often used to present accessories and objects within the glossy pages of magazines in a beautiful way, still life photos are also a great way to play with designs, light, colours and matters. Liquids and powders, glass, fabrics and leather, curves and lines, every nuance is captured and the edited image often shows something very precise and detailed – perfect, sometimes. We like to have a look at these other realities created or recreated by photographers through perfectly still images or movement snapshots.

To contrast with our rather bleached last moodboard, we’ve associated ‘still life’ with ‘yellow’ in our TCD Search Bar. Here’s a selection from the results; which image is your favourite?

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