Welcome, Danni!

  • November 19, 2012


Today we’re welcoming a new member of the TCD Team, Danni Kingston. Having just graduated with a Master’s degree in Magazine publishing at University of the Arts London, Danni has a keen interest in photography, which recently lead her to work at the Picture desk of Elle UK. She’s going to be our Editorial intern for the next couple of weeks; let’s find out more about her through a few questions!


TCD: Where do you come from?

DK: Born and raised in Southampton, Hampshire, but my family comes from Whitby, North Yorkshire. I am a bit of a Yorkshire girl at heart, and definitely pick up the accent when I go back up there! And couldn’t survive without a cup of Yorkshire tea!  I first got into photography when I did my A level in photography and it grew as a passion. I carried on this route and did my BA Graphic Arts at Winchester School of Art where I dabbled in typography, graphics and bit of illustration; not my strong point. From Winchester I moved on to London to do my MA in Magazine publishing at University of the Arts London, where I fell even more in love with magazines.

TCD: What’s the first search you did on TCD?

DK: Although I have a photography and graphic arts background, I have a love for fashion make-up and all things alike, and I have friends in both fields so I think my first search was for make-up artists. I narrowed down my search for 1950’s makeup – something I’m obsessed with lately – and found a few Marilyn-esque images and artists that have a talent for that particular style.

TCD: If you could make a list of your favourite contemporary photographers, who would you pick?

DK: An obvious choice but I love Testino; I have his ‘Front Row’ book, which I used for inspiration for a Uni project. Although some of the images are slightly out of focus, he completely captures the atmosphere of backstage. Terry Richardson… A risqué choice, but I love his black & white images. Juergen Teller is also a favorite. I like images that really tell a story, and I can see a story behind most of his photographs.

TCD: If you were to tag yourself on TCD, what words would you use?

DK: Always a tough one to answer… I’m going to go with ambitious, creative, organised, elegant (most of the time), natural, and black & white.

TCD: Go on, tell us a secret?

DK: I’m a massive Glee geek… Guilty pleasure.


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