• November 22, 2012

Issie Gibbons (style)Style by Issie Gibbons.

Screen Shot 2012-11-22 at 17.39.41Image by Jason Hetherington.

v5e-375x375Image by Baldovino Barani.

Last Thursday, we shot Damon Baker’s interview at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. The combination of the magnificent Gothic building and the dark style of the photographer (at this point, we should maybe mention his long, dramatic black leather gloves) inspired us with this choice of word.

At this time of year, when we’re getting less and less hours of daylight, we’re seeing darker trends and themes appearing back into the work of creatives: a dark lip, a smokey eye or a spooky location… Light is definitely one of the key elements to create dark, gothic photographs; a simple lighting technique can completely alter the feel of an image. Harsh lighting such as using bare bulbs generates harsh shadows that photographers use to create more haunting imagery. When creatives use a dark, unlit background, subjects can tend to merge into the setting; this can also create an eerie feeling.

These three images give off that gothic persona in one way or another, either because of the story being told in the images, or the dark colours and materials used. Gothic aesthetics are now often associated with secret and fantasy; as Christmas approaches, we’re quite delighted to get carried away by these Tim Burton-esque atmospheres.

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