• December 17, 2012

TCD_Moodboard-HomeImages by Paul Wetherell, David Hughes, John Spinks, Justin Barton, James Waddell, Donald Christie, Sarah Maingot and Larry Sultan.

vcd-375x375Image by Paul Wetherell.

njd-375x375Image by Sarah Maingot.

b4b-375x375Image by Larry Sultan.

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions: a certain hour to open presents, a way to decorate the tree, if there is one, special meals to serve… However, we all share one thing: whether we like it or not, Christmas is the time to come home. Of course, we’re enviously thinking about places in the world where you need nothing but a bikini to celebrate a tropical year’s end. For most of us though, “home” is a synonym for a cosy and warm shelter from where we can contemplate rain, snow or cold winds blowing comfortably nestled on a welcoming sofa.

We thus gathered some homely interiors images that evoke the softness and tranquillity of the end of the year’s break. But Christmas without a little bit of kitsch wouldn’t be a real one, and Larry Sultan’s photograph of a bedroom inhabited by creepy dolls seemed quite appropriate to add a fancy touch to places which are comfy but can also (let’s confess it) get sometimes a little bit boring. Happy Christmas!

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