• January 23, 2013

Guido MocaficoImage by Guido Mocafico.

Matthias HeiderichImage by Matthias Heiderich.

Andrew WoffindenImage by Andrew Woffinden.

The white blanket that beautifully covered London’s streets last week-end and the pure, calm and light atmosphere which came out of it inspired us one word this week: minimal.

‘Minimal’ can carry many associations. Of course, ‘simple’, ‘clean’ and ‘small’ come to mind. The word spans every creative outlet, from painting, to music and make-up. Pretty good word, eh? It’s actually quite ironic that the specific word that relates to a simplistic look actually has so many possible meanings in different genres of the arts.

Here, we’ve picked out three photos that represent in different ways the uncluttered look that minimalism evokes, from a clean, strong image to a style achieved by using a few very simple elements. The result is often a subtle and powerful photograph: only the essential remains. We love it.

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