Eyebrows: ‘strong’ versus ‘bleached’.

  • February 4, 2013

TCD_Moodboard-EyebrowsMake-up by Emma Osbourne, Jo Frost, Georgina Graham, John Christopher, Alex Box, Sarah Reygate, Jose Bass and Marco Antonio.

Emma Osbourne, make-upMake-up by Emma Osbourne.

Jose Bass, make-upMake-up by Jose Bass.

Sarah Reygate, make-upMake-up by Sarah Reygate.

Eyebrows, or perhaps more suitably for our purposes: ‘the frame of the face’. They have the ability to create drama, add ethereality and even completely modify the shape of the face. Who would have thought such a small feature could make such a big change?

In the beauty world, they’re big news too. Currently having a comeback on the catwalks, strong, defined and dramatic eyebrows are all the rage. Model Cara Delevingne is maybe one of the look’s leading and most emblematic figure, and we can always rely on Dior to create wholly new eyebrow shapes (and placements!) to add exaggerate glamour to the fashion houses runway looks. However, it wasn’t so long ago that every other model was having their eyebrows bleached to open up their eyes and face to fit in with the ‘alien’ look. Perhaps most famously, it was when Lara Stone made her debut that non-existent eyebrows became a trend.

Here, we had a look at the best ‘strong’ versus ‘bleached’ eyebrows that we could find on TCD. It’s a hard one to call, they both have their strengths…

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