Tess Yopp, Stylist.

  • February 5, 2013

Tess1Tess Yopp by Emma Hoareau.

Tess2Tess Yopp by Emma Hoareau.

Last Friday we got to meet the cheerful Tess Yopp. Hailing from Moscow and only 21 years old – this is a girl who’s going to make it big. As Tess has already styled for i-D Online, I Love Fake and Vogue Japan (to mention but a few), we were eager to find out more about one of the latest creatives featured on TCD.


TCD: What made you want to become a stylist?

TY: I always loved clothes, that’s the main reason. When I came to London with Masha (photographer and best friend), she was already studying photography, so I would help out on her projects with the styling. I would request samples and that’s how I discovered what styling was – I didn’t have any professional training, but from then I realised that I loved it.

TCD: What did you like about London that made you move here?

TY: In Moscow it’s very different, there’s no creativity – it’s dead. Especially if you’re young and creative. My parents had told me I couldn’t study the arts so I decided I was going to move to Europe. Since Masha was here, I chose London. And now I’m in my final years at London College of Fashion studying Fashion styling and Photography.

TCD: Who are you favourite designers?

TY: One of my favourites is Marques’Almeida. I got to wear some of the stuff to fashion week last season – it’s so great! I use it in my shoots too – I always style things in the way I would wear it myself. English designers attract me a lot, too, like Christopher Kane: I love the new materials and textures that he uses. And of course a beautiful brand like Miu Miu is great to use.

TCD: So what exciting project are you working on right now?

TY: I’m doing a Dior special for Pop Online, a story for Rollacoaster with Masha (of course!) and some work for Asos with Masha too. We were actually in the Asos magazine recently, they did a feature on us – it was about best friends who work together so it was perfect for us. Then after that, they suggested that we work for them, which is great because they pay well!

TCD: Who is your favourite photographer?

TY: Of all time? Juergen Teller. He creates such raw beauty. It’s very luxurious but also very real. I got to go to the private view of his exhibition at ICA the other day – it was amazing. It was by chance that I bumped into a friend who was going and so I got invited to go with them. It was so fun, seeing Stella McCartney here, Vivienne Westwood there. There was an open bar so everyone was pretty drunk…

TCD: If you could make a list of your favourite contemporary stylists, who would you pick?

TY: I’ve never really looked at anyone. In the past when I’ve assisted people I never really like it. If I assisted anyone I would have to really admire them. I’d rather style with an amazing photography that I admire than another stylist.

TCD: What would be your dream commission?

TY: Oohhh that’s hard. Any big publication really, like Garage or i-D. I’ve styled for i-D online but the print version would be great.

TCD: Go on, tell us a secret?

TY: I eat a box of chocolates everyday. It worries my boyfriend a bit (laughs) but I could just never follow a diet!


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