• February 18, 2013

TCD_Moodboard-CinematicImages by Bersa, Sandra Freij, Andreas Larsson, Grant Thomas, Yelena Yemchuk, Rankin, Hanspeter Schneider and Jonny Storey.

BersaImage by Bersa.

Yelena YemchukImage by Yelena Yemchuk.

RankinImage by Rankin.

The 63rd edition of the Berlinale, gathering around 20,000 professional visitors from 130 countries, who came to watch and discuss films of every genre, length and format finished yesterday. We at TCD thought that it was a great occasion to explore with another moodboard a highly recognisable and strong theme: cinema.

While the image by Rankin reminds us a bit of Tarantino’s Django Unchained, we’ve also decided to pay a little tribute to the multi-awarded The Artist and only pick black and white photographs: their classical and timeless aesthetics seemed particularly appropriate to evoke a cinematic ambience. The cinematic touch isn’t only created by the lack of colour though: we can instantly feel that the photographers wanted to tell a real story through their images. The narrative aspect is indeed essential, and often comes with movement and / or very expressive characters.

When we first tagged the photographers featured on TCD who also worked on film with “moving image”, we realised that a lot of them actually experienced things in both fields. Let’s hope that photography and film endlessly keep on inspiring and enriching each other!


The Berlinale, 63rd edition, Berlin, February 2013.

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