Infinity Piece.

  • February 21, 2013

becomb-infinity-piece-01"Infinity Piece" by Becomb.

becomb-infinity-piece-021"Infinity Piece" by Becomb (detail).

We’re very happy to introduce you to another brand new blog category! “Look & touch” will allow us to share objects we particularly like; hopefully, we’ll be talking a lot about design, colours, materials, illustration, etc. here.

Here’s the first object we picked. No, this isn’t a watch. No, you won’t be upset with the clicking sound of the little hand: there isn’t any. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, why would you need to know what time it is anyway? “You can never spend too much time on the things you’re passionate about”. That’s the concept developed by Levi Maestro, new media producer and personality; Levi recently launched his accessories brand called ‘Becomb’, based in Southern California, with the ambition of “creating familiar products with an unfamiliar twist”.

The ‘Infinity Piece’ isn’t a watch. It’s a statement.


The ‘Infinity Piece’ is made of a 38mm gold plated, stainless steel with rotating crown case. Its band is made of genuine stingray. Find more information about the brand and product here.

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