From above.

  • February 25, 2013

TCD_Moodboard-From_AboveImages by Ali Mobasser, Peter Christensen, Jonathan Glynn-Smith, Chris Heads, Troyt Coburn, René Habermacher, Kourtney Roy and Jonathan Hallam.

Peter ChristensenImage by Peter Christensen.

Troyt CoburnImage by Troyt Coburn.

Kourtney RoyImage by Kourtney Roy.

The Shard finally opened its viewing decks to visitors at the beginning of this month. From levels 68, 69 and 72 which is 244 meters high, you’ll now be able to experience a spectacular 360 degree view over the city – that is, when it doesn’t rain, or when clouds and fog leave the sky above London alone. If the building created by architect Renzo Piano is, with its 310 meters, “the tallest one in Western Europe”, Emirati people may still laugh at us while looking at their 829.8 meters high Burj Khalifa…

Anyway, this week, we rise up too and take a look at the full picture: everything’s different from above. The majority of these beautiful overhead shots give us the impression to see without being seen, which is a delightful (slightly voyeuristic) sensation. From a distance, characters lose their identity to become shapes and shadows we can admire almost in a purely formal way; closer, a more intimate link between the subject and the photographer / the audience is naturally created as a physical hierarchy necessarily causes playful power games.

Who doesn’t like gazing at a nice view?

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