• March 6, 2013

Max PearmainStyle by Max Pearmain.

Johnny WujekStyle by Johnny Wujek.

Pierre DebusschereImage by Pierre Debusschere.

What’s the first word coming to your mind when you think about Roy Lichtenstein? If “comic strips”, “colourful” and “dots” are indeed quite representative of his work, we thought about one in particular which also corresponds to a TCD tag: “pop”.

These three letters actually make a quirky little word: what does “pop” really mean? If we have a look at Lichtenstein’s highly recognisable work from 1961 – after his non-figurative and Abstract Expressionism period, “pop” is all about cartoon and advertising images, Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, and bright, energetic colours with thick, black contours. The abbreviation of “popular”, which has first been applied to music, actually refers to the artists’ will to transform ordinary, daily subjects into extraordinary and evocative, provocative things.

We searched for “pop” on TCD and found these playful and dynamic photographs; what if pop was just a splash of bright colours on our everyday lives?


Lichtenstein: A Retrospective, Tate Modern, London, from 21st February to 27th May 2013.

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