• July 24, 2013

y1f-375x375Style by Priscilla Polley.

xvf-375x375Image by Kourtney Roy.

cqe-375x375Hair by Federico Ghezzi.

Finnish artist Claire Aho’s editorial photographs from the 1950s boast a certain playfulness and an innovative use of colour techniques that are sure to catch one’s eye. Through her exhibition ‘Studio Works’, which ran until 21st July at The Photographers’ Gallery in London, one could not possibly fail to notice Aho’s keen eye for form, pattern and colour, all of which lend her vintage commercial work a vibrant and somewhat cheeky feel.

We knew that an ode to Aho’s work was in order so, with the word ’50s’ in mind, we drew from the amazing portfolios of photographer Kourtney Roy, stylist Priscilla Polley and hairstylist Federico Ghezzi, all featured on TCD. The images we have selected feature the curled hairstyles, quirky settings, elegant patterned dresses and bold accessories characteristic of the 1950s, all of which have been given a contemporary twist. They show the importance of each artist’s involvement in the creative process; in some ways, they remind us of Aho’s own meticulous attention to all stages of the creative process of her own photographs, for which she dealt with everything from model casting to lighting. We think these images echo the colourful, fun and spirited character of Aho’s editorial work and, like them, are an absolute pleasure to one’s eyes.

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