Untamed Worlds.

  • August 5, 2013

TCD_Moodboard-Untamed_WorldsImages by Kate Gibb, Brendan Austin, Simon Stock, James Waddell, Robi Rodriguez, Robin Friend, Simen Johan and Olaf Hajek.

3-Simon StockImage by Simon Stock.

4-James WaddellImage by James Waddell.

7-Simen JohanImage by Simen Johan.

Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado is taking the world of photography by a storm with his series Genesis, which premiered this year at London’s Natural History Museum. Through his black and white landscape, wildlife and portrait photographs, Salgado presents a utopian vision of planet Earth as an untamed and unspoiled space. Even though Genesis is a dramatic reflection of a human being’s fragility in the face of nature’s power, it also reminds us of mankind’s destructive hand on a world it has lost touch with. Needless to say, Genesis is a fantastic ode to nature that will mark many of us.

What strikes us about Salgado’s photographic project is his desire to bring his spectators closer to our planet through it. So, with the same goal in mind, we brought together a selection of images by photographers and illustrators, in which the grace and energy of natural landscapes and wildlife stand out brilliantly. Salgado’s emotionally-charged photographs prove that nothing quite replaces the timelessness of black and white photography – still, let’s not forget just how vibrant and spectacular nature looks in full colour.


Sebastião Salgado: Genesis, National History Museum – Waterhouse Gallery, London, until 8th September 2013.

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