• August 14, 2013

3.Rozelle Parry, make-upMake-up by Rozelle Parry.

2.Elle MuliarchykImage by Elle Muliarchyk.

1.Bertien Van ManenImage by Bertien Van Manen.

With the vibrant, colourful images by Miles Aldridge and Chloe Sell respectively being shown at Somerset House and the Michael Hoppen Gallery, the choice of one tag among the thousands that are currently displayed on TCD’s site was fairly easy. The word ‘saturated’ can qualify a picture that has particularly bright, intense colours; such a result is actually achieved when creatives decide to increase the separation between colours.

Here, we’ve selected three very different images, which tell us about the numerous ways saturation can be used. The first one, featuring a make-up by Rozelle Parry, illustrates the glamourous and glossy aspect saturation can confer to a photograph. The focus is on the fashion and beauty elements, each one standing out on its own thanks to extremely bright, distinct colours. However, the technique applied to the second and third pictures definitely serves another meaning, diverting them both in a different way from reality. While the colours of the photo by Elle Muliarchyk set a kind of dreamy, almost melancholic atmosphere, the saturation adds to the strangeness and retro look of Bertien Van Manen’s image. A great artifice which artists can endlessly play with, in order to give their pictures unique, unexpected dimensions.


Chloe Sells – Senescence, Michael Hoppen Gallery (Contemporary), London, until August 31st 2013.

Miles Aldridge: I Only Want You to Love Me, Somerset House, London, until September 29th 2013.


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