Visions of the universe.

  • August 26, 2013

TCD_Moodboard-Visions_UniverseImages by Maria Olsson (make-up), Maria Comparetto (make-up), Mary-Jane Frost (make-up), Mel Bles (photo), Lisa Eldridge (make-up), Paul Farnham (photo), Max Cardelli (photo) and Amanda Grossman (make-up).

1.Maria Olsson-make upMake-up by Maria Olsson.

2.Maria Comparetto-make upMake-up by Maria Comparetto.

7.Max Cardelli-photoImage by Max Cardelli.

We believe that ‘Visions of the Universe’, the exhibition currently on at the National Maritime Museum, it is set to be one of the most memorable and enlightening shows to take place in London over the summer. Open until 15 September, it showcases images that offer one a look at the fascinating realm of stars, planets and galaxies unknown to most of us. The news of this exhibition somehow made us think of the talented artists listed on TCD, who are able to make smart use of make-up and light in ways that give their work a calm, magnificent and otherworldly feel.

Amongst the creatives we feature on this moodboard, Paul Farnham and Mel Bles combine an intelligent use of lighting techniques with a brilliant wardrobe, which they photograph to convey an ethereal mood. Alongside them, we were particularly drawn to the make-up skills of Maria Olsson, Maria Comparetto and Max Cardelli, whose use of glitter on their models’ features liken these to star-studded night skies. We were equally inspired by the works of Mary-Jane Frost and Lisa Eldridge, whose make-up masterpieces flawlessly echo the beauty of bright constellations. Lastly, we simply had to include this image by Amanda Grossman: due to its rich golden hues and majestic aura, it naturally reminded us of the biggest star in the sky – the sun.


Visions of the universe, National Maritime Museum, London, until 15th September 2013.

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